KP Garden Design FAQ’s

Frequently Asked Questions

We have found that our clients often ask similar questions about the garden design and landscaping process. To help you get a better idea of what we do, we have listed the most freqently asked questions here, along with our answers.

If you still have a query that isn’t answered here, or elsewhere on this website, please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to answer any questions that you have.

I have a very small garden. Is it still possible to use your garden design and landscaping services?
We are happy to undertake a project in any garden, however large or small, and can find ways to make the best use of the space to make it look and feel bigger.

I am very busy and don’t have time to arrange a visit. Can we discuss the garden design another way?
The garden planning and design process can be carried out by post or email using a questionnaire, but the personal touch is always our preferred option, as more often than not things can be easily missed that would be easily picked up in an on-site visit.

I don’t know what I want, can you just go ahead and design a garden for me?
It is imperative that we have some contact, preferably face-to-face, so that we can see the garden and ask you some basic questions. It is surprising how many people realise they do actually know what they want (or more commonly what they do not want) when we go through this process with them.

I just don’t have ‘green fingers’. How do I stop my garden turning back into a jungle after you have landscaped it?
Very few people have the time or inclination for high-maintenance gardens these days. We can help by designing a garden with plants and shrubs that require very little attention. We will give you some basic guidance on how to look after the plants that you have got, and advise you on and supply weed suppressing mulches. We can arrange to come round and maintain the garden for you on a regular basis.