Exotic Bespoke Gardens & Creative Gardening

Exotic Gardens and Creative Gardening

Create an exotic atmosphere in your garden with sub-tropical plants

Although we design and construct gardens in many different styles, Kevin’s particular passion is for the sub-tropical style. The addition of a sub-tropical or true Meditteranean plant, or several different plants, can make an enormous visual impact and really change the atmosphere of the garden.

There are several different styles of garden which we would class as ‘sub-tropical’. It could be a jungle style,densely packed with tropical plants, or a more structured or formal Mediterranean style garden such as you would find in Italy. Or the garden could be planted with palm trees, succulents and other delightful tropical plants, in the style of the gardens of Southern Spain.

Sub-tropical plants add a touch of the exotic to your home

Although it is true that most specimens of sub-tropical plant found in any of the above situations are too tender for the British climate, we have spent many years studying and growing borderline sub-tropical plants which are able to survive in our local conditions. This experience, along with close contacts at several exotic plant nurseries, have given us a good insight in to what plants can and cannot be grown in our cool temperate climate, as you can see in these images from our own garden.

Our own garden boasts over 50 varieties of unusual and exotic and sub-tropical plant species that you are unlikely to see in the average British garden. They range from the ground covering Lampranthus from South Africa, to South American Puyas, to 3m high Echiums from the Canary Islands. There are varieties of palms, Yuccas, Agaves and Aloes, fleshy succulents and spiky bromeliads, all of which will grow with little or no protection in the average British garden. These exotic plants will suit many applications and can thrive with surprisingly little maintenance.

Caring for exotic plants in your garden may be easier than you think

What kind of exotic plants you will be able to grow in your own garden depends on many factors, including the aspect and position of the site, soil, and local climate. Some plants will need protection, and some may not be suitable at all, but we can work with you to find the plants that will suit and thrive in your garden.

If you do not need a full design and landscaping service, but are looking for advice on the right choice of exotic plant for your garden, we offer a consultancy service. We can also help with the supply and planting of exotic plants. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us. We are always happy to give advice and information.

Creative Planting

We now offer a `creative` planting service utilising the many varied, architectural, exotic and just plain stunning plants that are available to us today.
Using our accumulated knowledge of what will grow and where, we can offer advice not only on the most suitable or stunning plant, but on the best way to feature it, light it or whatever else you may require.

We are able to source a vast array of different plants and trees from the UK and Europe to give you that complete `wow` factor that your garden could do with.

Perhaps that special plant for your new or planned feature? Something out of the ordinary, that your local nursery may not even have heard of. Or it may just be that you have the plant but need it moved or some careful maintenance to show it in all its glory.

Whatever the situation, there is a plant that will `work`.

Please call us for more information.