Garden Landscaping Sussex

How KPGD can transform your garden landscape

KP Garden Design & Landscapes have a wealth of experience in transforming the gardens of our clients. We take a great pride in our landscape gardening expertise, and always endeavour to create gardens which fit in with their surroundings as well as the needs of the client. From a small bit of fencing to landscaping the entire garden, KPGD can help and our price guarantee promises you won`t get a better price. Please see the main main to navigate to other pages on specific areas of landscaping.
This page shows some examples of the landscaping work we have done on previous occasions all over Sussex and Surrey, turning a dreary garden into an attractive landscape. Click on our Facebook link on the home page to see the most recent examples.

Awkwardly shaped garden

The brief:
This odd shaped `new build` garden was quite short, wide and overlooked from one side. The client wanted a fairly traditional garden design, with a decent sized lawn, a small play area, a seperate seating area and a separate herb garden. Planting was to be traditional with a mix of perennials and shrubs.

The solution:
Our landscape team used Marshalls paving to give a large patio area with a quality look A feature brick paved area ties the patio and brickwork together and stops the patio from being too dominant. There is a raised brick herb bed that is just outside the kitchen for easy access. This still leaves plenty of room for a large table and chairs for entertaining and BBQ`s. Ornamental trees and a series of wooden arches lead the eye around and in to the garden as well as giving more privacy from the neighbours. They lead to a small seating area that catches the sun in the summer evenings. Just right for a glass of wine! Curves help to disguise the odd shape of the garden whilst making the best use of the available space so that the children have a decent sized lawn area to run about on. One corner of the garden was left with a bark covering, ready for a trampoline or childrens play area.

Courtyard garden

The brief:
This north facing courtyard style garden was tired and in need of attention. The clients quite liked the basic layout and wanted to avoid the expense of ripping the entire garden out and starting again. The east side of the garden had a large raised concrete area that would have been very expensive to remove and make good.

The solution:
We removed the existing paving and landscaped the area with new concrete paving, and built some renderered walls to retain the soil and give shape to the garden. The raised concrete area also received the most sunlight and was not overlooked, so we used softwood decking to create an entertaining and sunbathing area with steps to the lower area. These elements all combine to create a peaceful and relaxing garden with a distinct Mediterranean feel. The use of a feature paving circle in the garden design makes best use of the limited space whilst giving enough room for a decent sized table and chairs.
Most of the plants were retained, along with other plants that the client had been growing in pots. The end result was a garden that made use of some of the existing elements to create a fantastic garden on a tight budget.

Room with a view

The brief:
When I initially visited this client, she had no idea of what she liked or of what she wanted from her wide but short garden. She only knew she wanted a fairly contemporary garden design and a better view of the surrounding countryside from her flat garden.

The solution:
After our initial consultation I showed the client my completed notes and questionaire. Although she did not know what she did want, it was obvious that she did actually know what she did not want. Following this design process the information we obtained enabled us to design and landscape her dream garden. This featured a raised seating area so she could enjoy the views across Shoreham Airport and the South Downs. She also wanted a water feature, and to lose the existing lawn to reduce maintenance.
Concrete setts that matched the paving were used to give a visual break from the larger pavers. Water cascades out from the top of the seating area, runs along a rill to a simple fountain, and then draws the eye out of the garden as it cuts across the patio and disappears underground.
The garden design uses curves and circles throughout to give long flowing lines that lead the eye around the garden and detract from the fact that it is much wider than it is long.
Planting is low maintenance with plenty of contrasting shapes and colours. The grasses around the fountain are easily seen from the house. They echo the nearby waves as they sway in the wind adding an element of movement and interest when viewing the garden from indoors.

Beach-front garden

The brief:
This long-neglected beach-front garden had benefited from the purchase of extra land, enabling a complete re-design and the addition of a swimming pool. The client did not want the high maintenance of keeping a lawn looking good on shingle, but wanted a soft play area for the children. An open garden design, to compliment the house and enable the garden to become part of the living area once the bifold doors had been opened, was requested, along with a seating area that enabled the clients to view the sea whilst entertaining. A large pool also needed to be fitted in to the garden design.

The solution:
The transition from house to garden landscape has been maximized by keeping the deck area on the same level as the house floor, using drainage channels in front of the doors to ensure there are problems with damp. This deck area then blends in to a natural stone patio area that extends around the new swimming pool, with drainage channels to eliminate any potential flooding.

The raised circular deck area is situated to give views down the beach as the sun goes down, and the raised beds lead the eye past an artificial lawn for the children to play on, and out to sea.
Being right on the beach we used our experience to provide plants that would survive the harsh conditions they would be exposed to.

Garden on a slope

The brief:
This north facing garden was on a steep slope. The owner wanted the garden landscaped to have plenty of room for plants. She also wanted to make a feature of the existing tree and to have a seating area near the top of the garden, in order to catch as much of the summer sun as possible.

The solution:
The new design incorporated three major levels, joined by a snaking set of steps that lead the eye away from the access gate at the top of the garden and maximise the use of space for plants and sitting areas. The curves also serve to diminish the impact of the steps that were needed on this steep garden. The top two levels are of different aggregates, making plant addition easy. A tree seat gives a more shaded area to relax in on the middle level.
Marshalite blocks were used for the walling, and these compliment the Old Windsor paving used in the garden design.

Whether its a garden design or a landscaping project, contact KP Garden Design & Landscapes today for more information on how we can transform the landscape around your home, and turn it into a place you can enjoy!