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Garden Planning & Design

When you decide you want to change your garden, or to reclaim it from the jungle it has become, it can be a bit daunting to say the least. These days there are many products and ideas that can help you to create a beautiful landscaped garden that suits your pocket and your personal needs. The problem is working out just how to fit those ideas into your landscape. Too many key features and your garden will look disjointed. If you put the wrong plants in the wrong part of the garden they will not flourish, and may even die.

Planning your perfect garden design – overview

KP Garden Design have a wealth of experience in coming up with unique garden design ideas and designing dream gardens for clients all over Sussex and Surrey.

Kevin trained and practiced as a garden designer for several years before becoming dissatisfied with the standard of landscaping being applied to his designs by other landscaping companies, and decided the only way to ensure the design was constructed correctly and to both his and the clients satisfaction was to offer the complete design and landscaping service to his clients, thereby ensuring the finished garden was interpreted exactly as it was designed.

As your garden designers we will help you to create something that matches your requirements and desires for your garden, to your house and your lifestyle. We will not impose our own preferences on you, but through consultation we will help you to create a space that will give you pleasure for many years to come.

Many garden designers will charge you a substantial amount to draw up a design for your garden. The benefit of using our service is that we are also landscapers. This means that a lot of the detailed elevation and layout plans are simply not required if KP Garden Design & Landscapes complete the landscaping for you. And in this instance, as an added incentive to use us, we do not charge for the concept plan either, meaning you get a FREE garden design!

The design process explained

Home visit
The first and most important part of the process is the home visit and a look at the garden. We then discuss your aspirations for the garden, your needs, preferences, considerations and dislikes. It is also best at this time to get an idea of your budget. It is easier to design a garden to a budget than to produce a garden design and then find out it is outside your budget.

Site Survey
The most essential part of the new garden design. The survey will show major level changes, the position of buildings and other structures, existing planting that is to stay, trees and any other features

Concept Plan
After carrying out the survey a coloured, scale drawing is prepared. This forms the basis of the new garden design and illustrates the initial ideas. The main purpose of this plan is to act as a point of discussion and any changes can be made easily until you are completely happy with the design.

From this plan we are able to landscape the garden, and if you are happy with the design and wish to go ahead we will make no charge for the design.

Layout Plan
Most clients only need the concept plan. The layout plan is only required if another contractor or you yourself will be doing the landscaping. This is the final design and shows all the areas of hard and soft landscaping. Construction drawings of the garden features can be supplied if required.

Planting Plan
The Planting plan again is not always needed. It shows the location and spacing of the plants we recommend. An accompanying schedule is provided listing the quantities and names of the plants. This list will be used when costing and ordering the plants.

Normally the cost of supplying plants and planting will be included within your budget. We can also prepare an easy to follow garden maintenance guide if requested.

Due to recent client interest we now offer a maintenance service. This gives you an opportunity to have the garden planting assessed and where necessary improved by the carrying out of specific pruning and maintenance, as well as ongoing maintenance of the hard landscaping to keep it all looking pristine.

If you are looking for a low cost solution to designing your garden we can offer you our design by post service.

For £99 (for gardens up to 125sqm) we will send you our Design Pack which includes a questionaire and detailed instructions on how to survey your garden. Once you have done this, and completed the questionaire, you simply return the information to us with photos of your existing garden either by post or email.
We will then draw up an A3 scaled and coloured plan for you, addressing your problem areas and producing a solution tailored to your personal requirements. It will also give you advice on suggested materials and construction ideas.
Once you are happy with the design we are available for any questions or guidance you may need.

By negating the need for us to visit the site we are able to produce a detailed design at a bargain price, whether it is for you or as a gift for a loved one.

Just send us an email to start the ball rolling!