Garden, Outdoor Lighting, BBQ`s and Ponds Sussex

Garden Lighting

Garden lighting will transform your outdoor landscape at night.
We supply and install 12 volt halogen garden lighting from a number of well-known garden light manufacturers, including Ring, Megabay and Hunza. These garden lighting products are made from quality materials and use the same dichroic bulbs you will find in your kitchen or bathroom, with lamp wattages between 20 and 50 watts.
These lights create a subtle illumination in your garden, rather than the harsh “search light” glare of a mains voltage lighting.

A basic 5-light system using the low cost Ring luminaires starts at around £250.00, including installation. We design every outdoor garden lighting system we install to our clients’ specific requirements.

Warm & subtle garden lighting effects
Although garden lighting is best installed whilst the garden is being landscaped, the safe low voltage cabling enables us to install a lighting system in your garden at any time.

Solar lighting is also becoming more popular, and in years to come may be on par with the 20W halogen lights we have today. At the moment, however, we would not recommend solar lighting as an effective way to light your garden.

If you would like more information about the garden lighting systems we supply, please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Spanish Style Barbeques

A touch of style to your outdoor entertaining
There is something very rewarding about cooking on a brick built BBQ in your garden. The smell, and the taste of food cooked on a proper charcoal BBQ is so much nicer than the sterile ,`could have been cooked on a hob` result when you cook on a gas BBQ.

Positioning though is key; If the wind is in the wrong direction both you and your guests can get smoked out.

Our Spanish style BBQ`s take the brick built BBQ a step further. They have a chimney, effectively drawing smoke up and away. They also look a lot more stylish than your average brick BBQ and ,like everything else we construct in the garden, our Spanish style BBQ`s are designed to blend in with the landscaping of your garden. Positioning, wind direction and storage are all taken in to account.
When the cooking is over you can simply remove the grill from our Spanish Style BBQ and replace it with wood for a fantastic warm outdoor fireplace that will enable you to use the garden well in to the night.
Being fully custom built means we can ad in extra storage, preparation areas, additional gas rings, lighting, audio systems – whatever you want.

Ponds and water features

Garden ponds and water features can make your garden experience even more relaxing and enjoyable. We can design, supply and install any sort of water feature, from a simple bubble fountain to a fully landscaped pond such as the long term meadow and wildlife pond project we are currently undertaking. We can advise you on child safe water features, and the best materials to construct your pond or feature. Please call us with your requirements.